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Product Release Notes Software

Update your product?
Update your users.

Keeping users up to date increases awareness, engagement, and trust.

Use to manage, share, & promote your latest product release notes.

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So you've released a new product update, nice 🙌
...time to let your users know, so they can use it!

It takes hard work to plan, build, and test updates to your product.
Formalise, promote, and share that work, with

Changelog Management

We've created an easy to use system to create and manage your release notes, and easily share them with your customers.

Feature, Update, or Fix

Collate your notes into buckets to show users what's new, what's improved, and what pesky bugs you've squished in the current release.

Responsive Design

Where will your users be when the release drops? Doesn't matter, our responsive themes work anywhere.

Custom Design

Choose from one of our pre-made themes, or create your own.

Social Sharing

Built to share easily on social media, your release notes will look great and promote free press.

API Access

Create and manage your release notes from our dashboard, or via our API to make us part of your flow.

Give Your Team Praise

Let your customers see who was responsible for each product update. Let your team bask in the glory!

Get Feedback

Enable discussions, to hear your customers response to your update. See where you hit the mark, or maybe missed it a little.

More to come...

Stay tuned. We're working on improvements all the time, to sweeten the experience for your and your customers.

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Auto create a RELEASE as part of your flow

Tagged a new release, or moved a major task to "done"? Have a new Release automatically created for you.

Your release notes will become an output of your existing workflow!

Add to your notes bucket from anywhere

Made a new commit? Have your teams commit messages appear in your notes bucket automatically.

When it comes time to announce the release, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Integrate with Slack

Quickly add notes without distraction

As your team completes their work, they can quickly add to your notes bucket with our Slack command.


Then when it comes time to publish a release, you've got everything you need in your notes bucket. No more asking "what else did we work on this sprint?"

Email Subscribers

email your updates to subscribers

Keep your users up to date, by sending your release notes direct to their email inbox.

Social Sharing

optimized for social media

We make it easy for your release notes to look great on social media, your users will want to help you spread the love.

What our customers say


Wolfgang Reinhardt

Chief Product Owner

We're super happy using to communicate our sprint and release forecasts as well as the release notes to our customers. massively streamlines our communication channels and has helped reduce the hassle of keeping all of our customers up-to-date

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